House Blend

If you love full-bodied and chocolate forward espresso, you’ll love our new House Blend! The classic profiles of Brazil and Guatemala join forces for one of the most tasty cups of espresso. In the cup, we get a deep cocoa-like richness and a nice hint of citrus peel aroma, all underscored by a pleasantly dense and full mouthfeel. This true espresso roast offers a smooth, balanced flavor for your morning routine or a midday pick-me-up.

But we don’t just like it on espresso! Whether brewing a pot to share with friends or pulling a shot for your afternoon espresso, this blend promises a delightful coffee experience every time. Treat yourself to the perfect brew and elevate your coffee game with our House Blend.

Order now and taste the difference.

From: $ 16.50

House Blend coffee bag

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