Humphreys Street Embroidered Corduroy Hat

HS Embroidered Corduroy Hat

This isn’t just any hat—it’s your new year-round style staple. Crafted from soft corduroy in a perfect shade of bone, this unstructured cap molds to your unique noggin like a barista’s hug. It pairs effortlessly with everything from vintage denim to your succulent collection. Adjust the 23-inch circumference and rock your Humphreys Street swag; in a world of basic caps, you’re wearing a conversation starter as smooth as your third pour-over of the day.


Product Details:

Material: Corduroy

Hat Color: Bone

Hat Shape: Unstructured Baseball Cap

Circumference: 23 inches

Additional: Embroidered in a beautiful dark green is Humphreys Street Nashville, Tenn.

$ 32.99

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