Edwin Noreña – Sidra (8 oz. bag)

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Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Jasmine, Honeysuckle

Producer: Edwin Noreña
 Finca Campo Hermoso
 Sidra Bourbon
 Black Honey
1550-1600 meters
Region grown:
 Circasia, Quindío
Processed and Dried
: Finca Campo Hermoso

Have you met the charismatic and loud sibling of the gesha variety? Well, meet the sidra bourbon! This coffee produced by Edwin Noreña is as high-end as any gesha variety, yet it manages to pack a delicious punch of flavor with the help of black honey processing. We experienced a wonderful journey of flavors from intense blueberry, to deliciously delicate jasmine and honeysuckle. This coffee will keep you coming back for more. Available for a limited time.

Farmer info from our friends at Yellow Rooster:

“At Campo Hermoso farm, all the varieties of coffee start from the same point: the cherries are picked at their optimum point of maturity by means of manual selection, to go through a hydraulic selection of floats in water. At this point, each variety is taken to fermentation, which is different for each one in its fermentation process and its duration, decided by variety and what attributes Edwin wants to emphasize.

This Sidra variety (a bourbon/typica/African landrace cross first cultivated in Ecuador, noticeable for its heavy lavender-like florality) is set in an enclosed, low oxygen environment for 56 hours. Coffee is then dry-pulped, and set again in a low oxygen fermentation for 48 more hours, at which point it is laid out to dry on patio or raised beds for roughly 15 days.”

“Have you met Edwin Noreña?

Our sourcing partner in Colombia, Manuel Barbosa began talking to us in late 2020 about a guy he went to school with growing up. “He’s working on some really incredible stuff” said Manuel, “I hope you guys like what we send.”

Well, “like” was an understatement. What we tasted on the cupping table that day amounted to a paradigm shift — flavors we never perceived or thought possible in coffee jumped off the table. And they weren’t one-trick ponies — these coffee had it all: Aroma, body, sweetness, balance, acidity, fruit, florals… you name it.

You see, Edwin is a life-long,third-generation coffee grower, a trained agronomist & agroindustrial engineer, consultant, Q-Grader and Cup of Excellence judge. His coffees represent an intense pursuit of flavor based upon knowledge, experience and years of trial and error.

Since our first import of Edwin’s coffees in January 2021, we’ve had the pleasure of representing his expertise to roasters across the USA and New Zealand, and are grateful he entrusted Manuel (and us!) with his life’s pursuit.”


8 oz.

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