Rwanda Ibisi

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Rwanda Ibisi has returned to our shelves! This time around we have similar deep notes but with an added acidity reminiscent of Kenyan coffee. This coffee has notes of chocolate covered cherry, a refreshing citrus acidity, and a smooth finish. Take this complex coffee for a spin–we’re so thrilled to share it with you!

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Ground, Whole Bean







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12 oz, 5 LB

Grower Information

The Ibisi Mountain washing station sits within the
hills of Southern Rwanda, located a short drive from
the Nyungwe Forest, a national park known for its
incredible biodiversity of endemic species. Here,
local farmer Bernard Uwitije focused primarily on
producing commodity coffee until 2015, when he
realized the potential for processing fully-washed
specialty coffees in partnership with Rwanda
Trading Company.

Rwanda Trading Company was established in 2009
as a vehicle for positive social impact. This group
has displayed a consistent commitment to securing
economic freedom and security for smallholder
farmers by building resilient, transparent supply
chains. RTC processes and exports 25 percent of
Rwanda’s annual coffee production.

The group owns and operates sixteen wet mills
and works directly with farmers throughout
Rwanda – buying, milling, processing and
marketing their coffees – while investing in
producing communities through agribusiness
training programs. Since 2013, these programs,
which focus on cultivation innovation and
reducing costs of production, have resulted in an
86 percent increase in farm revenue for RTC’s
producer-partners. It’s a highly collaborative
effort, which fuels sustainable economic stability
from the ground up.

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