"Let everything we create be: Welcoming and inclusive, precisely and artistically crafted and
conducive to community development."
Humphreys Street Coffee Nashville TN

Here at Humphreys Street we believe in the power of creating. Whether you create music, paintings, clothing, furniture or in our case, coffee, you inspire beauty in life and we believe that’s powerful. We’ve been roasting coffee and producing hand-crafted goods in Nashville, TN since 2008 and are extremely thankful for the support of this community. By honoring every hand in the supply chain we hope to present the best products possible.

humphreys street coffee nashville


Humphreys Street is a place where everyone belongs. Whether you are a specialty coffee connoisseur or new to coffee, we want you to feel comfortable here. Everyone deserves to feel valued and important and our hope is that you can find that at Humphreys Street. From our menu, to our staff, to the design of our space we want you to feel: not only welcome, but included.


We believe that coffee is a science and requires a detail oriented approach. As members of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), we follow standards and protocols for purchasing green coffee, cupping, water quality,  roasting, and brewing. By the time we receive a green coffee, it has already received years of precise care and attention from farmers around the world. Our detail oriented approach is crucial to maintaining the level of care already taken by these farmers. We try our best to honor their work in every aspect of our roasting and brewing process. In addition, we also believe coffee is an art and requires a certain creative freedom. We are constantly experimenting and innovating new ways to bring out flavors in coffee. Our roast profiles and brew methods are unique and creative, showcasing the distinct qualities of specific coffees. Each region and coffee variety is beautiful and unique and we treat it as such.


For thousands of years coffee and coffeehouses have brought people together. Humphreys Street wants to continue in that tradition by creating an environment, products, and experiences that encourage relationships. On a global level we recognize our role in sustainability and make decisions with this in mind. We purchase green coffee that is ethically and sustainably grown and traded, because we value the farmers and their communities. Their development is vastly important and we have a unique opportunity to support their growth. On a local level, we invest in the community of Wedgewood Houston and South Nashville. We are a social enterprise of  Harvest Hands Community Development Corporation  and exist to provide jobs and training for local youth in the neighborhood. 100% of our profits go directly to supporting our students and their growth within the community. We have been connected to our Nashville community for many years and work to see it grow economically, socially, and relationally. 

To learn more about our students and their work visit http://www.harvesthandscdc.com/economic-development .